Roof Leak

5 Causes for Roof Leaks and How to Spot Them

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With the changing weather, here are some things to look out for that can cost you more if ignored.

With the buildup of snow and the eventual melting, this can post serious problems for your roof if there are any leaks, which can lead to water spots. Now you may be wondering why this is such a serious problem. When water touches wood, the moisture will cause the wood to rot which can be a serious problem considering it can cause a roof to collapse or weak foundation issues that can cause dry wall to saturate and is a very costly repair in the long run if ignored. Not to mention what the water could get on and destroy.

1. Failed Open Flashing

Roof flashings are installed at points where leaks are likely to occur. If damaged, this can lead to leaks and foundation issues and the possible collapse of drywall. 

Open flashing
Incorrect: Failed open flashing at the base of wall
New flashing
Correct: New flashing installed
2. Damaged Pipe Boots

Pipe boots are pipes that run up from your bathrooms and kitchen. Due to changing temperatures, your roof will expand and contract, which can damage the pipe boot. This can cause water to get into your roof causing leaks and water spots. 

Pipe boot incorrectly installed
Incorrect: Pipe boot incorrectly installed
Correct: New Patch and flashing installed at the pipe

3. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause several issues most notably:

  • Basement flooding
  • Roof damage
  • Foundation damage
Clogged gutter of water and leaves
Incorrect: Gutter full of water and leaves
gutter with debris removed
Correct: Debris moved from gutter
4. Failed Electrical Penetration

Any moisture around electricity is a recipe for disaster. 

failed electrical penetration
Incorrect: Failed electrical penetration through a wall
New flashing fixing the penetration
Correct: New flashing installed at penetration
5. Holes in Roof
Hole in rubber roof
Incorrect: Hole in rubber
Patched hole on rubber roof
Correct: Patched hole

Holes in a roof are a guaranteed way of water getting in and causing a leak.

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