ASI Roofing: What We DON’T Do

ASI is Ohio’s premier commercial roofing and maintenance contractor. Sometimes, customers ask what we do, and that list includes new construction, service, repair, maintenance, and commercial roof restoration and replacement. In addition, we think it may help to know some of the things we don’t do:

  1. We DON’T outsource work to the lowest bidder.
    ASI Roofing guarantees that your job will be done by us, and only us. Unlike some of our competitors, we never resort to rebidding work out to the lowest-cost contractor.
  2. We DON’T use inexperienced workers.
    ASI Roofing takes pride in employing our own highly trained team of professionals. Our experienced team will be onsite to complete the task you’ve hired us to do.
  3. We DON’T do work outside of our area.
    ASI Roofing is your LOCAL roofing contractor, proudly serving Ohio and only Ohio.
  4. We DON’T have “fine print” in our contracts and proposals.
    We are open and transparent in all that we do.
  5. We DON’T do residential work.
    ASI Roofing specializes in commercial roofs. Be aware that licensed roofing contractors who focus on residential work may not have the experience to complete commercial jobs within budget and on time. We know how to correctly estimate costs and materials to complete commercial installations successfully.
  6. We DON’T leave work unfinished.
    ASI Roofing guarantees that we won’t leave your job site until the work is complete and you are completely satisfied with the experience. We take pride in focusing on great customer service, transparency, and clear communication.
  7. We DON’T do work without a license, required permits, or compliance to all building codes.
    ASI Roofing’s experience and professionalism protects you and your investment.
  8. We DON’T underestimate the importance of commercial roofs.
    We know your roof is crucial to the success of your business. We will maximize your investment through our expert recommendations and high-quality craftsmanship.

We don’t do all these things so that you get the best commercial roofing experience in the business. We have the best warranties, the best products, and the best reputation for quality and reliability. You can have confidence that ASI Roofing will do what we say, deliver on time, and provide proactive communication every step of the way.

Contact ASI Roofing today or call 614-873-2057 to schedule a commercial roof inspection.