Get Your Commercial Roof Ready for Santa & His Reindeer

With the upcoming holiday only days away, Santa has issued a request to all business owners to make sure the landing area on their commercial roof is clear. Despite the newly improved traction system on the sleigh runners, the potential build-up of ice and debris on many commercial roofs can cause the sleigh to lose traction and skid into obstacles such as HVAC systems and retaining walls. Those are expensive repairs you don’t want to have to make.

Here are a few ways you can help keep Santa and his reindeer safe:

1. Have your roof professionally inspected.

When your commercial roof is professionally inspected,they can clear away any debris or other obstacles that may have found their way onto your roof. They can also uncover and quickly repair any cracks, holes, etc. before they turn into a larger, more costly problem. Taking this proactive approach also helps prevent costly repairs that could result from a fender bender of Santa’s sleigh.

2. Improve Lighting.

Consider adding some festive directional lighting to the roof such as spotlights, Christmas lights, etc. Lighting can help guide if low-visibility conditions exist.

3. Show your appreciation.

Leave some cookies and milk on the roof. Santa works hard and deserves a treat. Plus, he might leave you a nice review or a referral. But, before you attempt to walk on your roof, it’s important to remember that not all roofing systems are designed to support regular walking. So, to avoid premature breakdown of the roofing membrane, we advise you to use walking pads. Pads are available in white, black, or grey to match your roof color.

Santa recommends calling ASI for your commercial roof inspection! Call us now at 614-873-2057 to get your roof ready for Santa!

Happy Holidays from the ASI team!