The Destruction of Debris

It’s that time of year again where we get hit with variable weather and storms, which can wreak havoc on your roofs. So, it is extremely important to keep an eye on your roof to get ahead of problems before they arise.

One common problem we see this time of year and as we get closer to spring, is a buildup of debris on roofs and in gutters.

We recently repaired this roof by patching holes caused by large debris

What’s so bad about debris?

If left unattended, debris will build up and block your gutters, which can be a serious issue resulting in:

  • Leaks in both the gutter and roof
  • Mold development
  • Structural rotting
  • A collapsed roof

Debris build up can also cause water ponding on the roof, which adds weight to the roof that can lead to a compromise of the entire structure. This can also damage the roof’s membrane – a protective watertight layer usually made of synthetic rubber.

Depending on the size, which can be anything from leaves, to twigs to large tree branches, debris can puncture your roof causing leaks.

Another issue with debris building up is that it can attract dirt and serve as an environment to grow algae and other vegetation, which can clog drains and downspouts. And, animals like birds, squirrels, and other animals can start to nest if there is a buildup of leaves, twigs, and branches, which can cause significant damage to your roof.

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